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Barbara Mathews


Painting is very important part of my life. Although I am mainly self-taught, I have taken many workshops. I have also studied techniques, color, composition, drawing, etc. Of late, I have been very interested in the process of creativity. How the brain creates and why some people are creative while others are not. Studying creativity gives me a better idea of how to bring out each students ability to create.

After years of painting, I started to teach painting classes. I teach weekly classes at the Atrium Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin. I have also taught at the Galena School of Art, Galena Illinois. In December of 2006, I taught watercolor classes on a Caribbean cruise and I will be teaching in Hawaii in 2008. I have also taught numerous workshops and done many demonstrations. Winning awards for your painting efforts are gratifying, but nothing compares to watching a student realize that they have the ability to be creative and that they can paint. We are all on our own art
journey, for me, teaching painting has been a highlight in my art career.

I have been a member of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society since 2000.

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